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Our Shopping Extension

What it is

Our shopping extension is a free Chrome extension developed by Shop4Good (, that allows you to automatically support us and/or our cause(s). Chrome extensions are small software programs that run in the Chrome browser context and allow their creators to customize your browsing experience (reference).

What it does

The shopping extension detects the website that you are visiting to determine if it is a retailer website in our shopping network (all of which can be found on our shopping website). If the retailer website being visited is in our shopping network, the extension will redirect to the same retailer website, with our affiliate tracking id so that we receive credit for the purchases that you make, thereby supporting us and/or our cause(s).

How it works

When the extension is installed/added to Chrome, it determines if you have a cookie set in your browser that identifies us as the organization/cause that you would like to support. This cookie is placed in your browser by this website (refer to the cookies section for details). When the cookie is detected, the extension saves our organization information to Chrome storage, so that you can continue to support.

When an attempt to visit a URL (e.g. is made, the extension will listen to the URL being requested and if the URL belongs to a retailer in our shopping network, the extension will redirect the original request to a link to the same retailer website, with the inclusion of our organization affiliate tracking id.

While on a retailer website that is in our network, a small blue Shop4Good logo/icon will appear next to the address bar in the Chrome browser. Clicking the blue icon will open a small popup that confirms that shopping at the retailer website will support us and/or our cause(s).

Screenshot of Shop4Good extension activated

If the website being visited is not in our shopping network, the Shop4Good logo/icon will be greyed out and inactive.

How to install it

To install the extension:

  • Follow this link to install our extension
  • Once at the Chrome web store, click on the "Add to Chrome" button. Then click "Add extension" in the popup.

How to uninstall it

To uninstall the extension:

  • Type the following into your address bar in Chrome: chrome://extensions/
  • Find the Shop4Good extension, (as pictured below) and click Remove
    Shop4Good extension
  • Click "Remove" in the popup to confirm and uninstall

Data and Privacy

Data Requests:

When the extension is installed and when the a new tab is opened in the Chrome browser, the extension makes an HTTP request to a Shop4Good service to retrieve the list of available retailers in the Shop4Good network. The data returned from this request (the list of available retailers) is stored in memory in the Chrome browser and lasts for the length of the browser session.

Data Storage:

When the extension is installed, it attempts to read a cookie placed in your Chrome browser by this website (refer the the cookie section for details). If the cookie exists, the extension uses data from the cookie to store our organization in Chrome storage. This data is stored so that the extension can properly attribute purchases to our organization.

No other data, including personal data, is stored. The extension does not store or otherwise track your browsing habits. The extension does listen to URL's being requested, for the sole purpose of determining if it should redirect to the same website, with the inclusion of our affiliate tracking id. Though the extension listens for the URL being requested, this data is used for calculation and then discarded. URL data is not stored, nor sent to any other party.

Data Collection:

The extension does not collect any data, nor does it track any browsing activity. The data does listen to URL's requested, but as listed above under Data Storage, the extension does not store this data.

Data Use / Sharing:

Data is not shared with any third party.


Your privacy is extremely important to us and the creators of this extension (Shop4Good). As such, and as mentioned in the preceding sections, no data is collected, stored or shared about you the user or your browsing activities. Also as noted above, the extension does listen to URL's being requested, however this information is used for calculating affiliate links and is never stored or otherwise tracked.


This website does use cookies. When visiting this website, a cookie is stored in the browser that is used to help identify this website as the organization/cause that you would like to support. No personal data or browsing activity is stored and/or used to identify the user.


We will continue to update this document as changes are made to our policies wherein those changes affect the browser extension, data usage and your privacy as a user.


If you have any questions about the policies and practices of the creators of this shopping extension, please contact Shop4Good directly at